Zoidberg Mascot Design

When I created my Zoidberg mascot design, I was practicing to improve my drawing skills. Simply it was during my amateur days.

Defining the Character

Character designing is an important aspect in building an image for your company. I chose Zoidberg of all the characters I could design because of the sole reason that he is my favorite character of Futurama which was also on its last season.

I wanted to portray a different Zoidberg in my illustration, and went to ensure I designed him to be a cute mascot, rather than the creepy doctor that he is in the television series.


Initial sketch

Zoidberg is a humanoid alien that is a cross between an octopus and a lobster. Sounds squishy I know.

The description may cause you to assume that it might have been like building titanic, to design him as an adorable character like I pictured.

I simply chose a miniature version of Zoidberg and made him rounder to look cute .You don’t believe me? Chubby aliens can be cute too!

Coloring Zoidberg

To get a feel of the illustration, I first added flat colors and when I was satisfied, I went on to add the details.

I am practicing with my highlight and shadows. Can’t wait to perfect it! Some time ago I received a useful piece of feedback that my contrast is too sharp and I need to soften the gradation a bit more.

Finishing Touches

Nothing’s more satisfying to an artist, than staring at a completed piece of your artwork.

I just added a few details, like the glint in his eyes and the outline for the final illustration and my fan art is finished. Three Cheers to Me!!


I am my worst critic. I already like the result but somehow I am still not satisfied, I know there is still room for improvement. If you guys have any feedback or suggestions don’t hesitate to comment below and let me know.

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