Xenogears: Weltall and Fei Illustrations

Here are the steps on how I painted Fei and Weltall

Step 1:

As always, everything begins with an idea, starting with a few thumbnail concepts and subsequently a very unfastened sketch of what I want to draw.

Step 2:

Is Linearts, This is one of the longest lineart sessions I ever had as I wanted to try a different method. Instead of heavy strokes I decided to use thin lines and then focus on the coloring to give it depth and weight.

Step 3:

Colorblocking, I decide what color to use on each section I do not think about lighting here first as I am only using flat colors, the goal is to organize the layers as much as I possible. Unlike many digital-artists I know I tend to use a LOT of layers in this step as it gives me more control and precision.

Step 4:

Is when I determine the light-source and put in the shadows first. You can see the illustration is starting to have form.

Step 5:

Last step is where I put in the lights and effects. I use the same principle as step 4 but this time I applied light opposite the shadows.

And here below is an animated summary of how it looks from start to finish, I hope you enjoy my
short explanation of my process. If you do please share this article on Facebook, follow me on
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