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All our web designs highly appeal to the visual senses without forgoing the quality of user experience. Crafted with your audience in mind, my work converts audience into customers.

Telecom Fusion Web Design

Planning to improve their market, Telecom Fusion, a telecommunications company, is looking for a website design that will convey trust and great service to its customers. They requested for a site that is both efficient and appealing at the same time. Colors and design elements can make or break the intention, so I made sure to keep the site looking clean, polished and definitely user friendly. My client is very happy with the outcome and the site revamp has definitely helped their business. You may check out their website here.

Sexy Smile Kit Web Design

Needless to say, getting approached by a famous celebrity for a project is something that most people just dreamed of. So imagine how excited I was when I was asked by one to build an ecommerce website to up sales for her teeth whitening kit.

The Sexy Smile kit is an effective product formulated by dental experts. It is used by celebrities and models. In fact, there are so many buyers that they offer shipping worldwide.

I’m happy with the solution we came up with to market her product. I’m even happier that I’m a part of a high-profile client’s success. See it live at

Buckets of Whimsies Web Design

Aiming to increase brand recognition and sales as well, a children’s book illustrator approached me to build her a website. Her goals for hiring me were clear, so I used the given information in determining her needs. To amplify her online presence and up her number of potential clients, she needed a gallery for her works, a blog, and a shop cart. The Bucket of Whimsies has a whimsical and childlike vibe to it, and I emphasized those characteristics in conceptualizing her web design. Even with the site’s heavy and intricate graphics, it still loads up fast. The overall result pleased her, and I’m glad to have one more customer satisfied. Visit her website at

Project Norrath web design

A client wanted a forum website where users can talk about and discuss Ever Quest 2. We’re the ones who designed the logo and illustration. Because of this, we managed to seamlessly integrate the styles.. EverQuest 2 is an MMORPG game, a rival of World of Warcraft. The player can complete quests, explore the world, kill monsters and gain treasures and socialize with other players. We used the dragon image that we previously designed for the client. Even though it’s a gaming forum website, we managed to make it look clean and attractive. We successfully launch the website and many players are having a great time discussing EverQuest 2 using this forum. It’s not the official website for the game, but it’s the biggest online community for EverQuest 2 fans. It’s been online for many years but it closed last 2016.

Oobakids Web Design

The OobaKids star rising internet celebrities John David and Nickole. Aiming to maintain the popularity momentum, my client contacted me to design their website for more online exposure. The nature of their show definitely attracts a particular age group, so I designed it accordingly. Being in charge of branding, illustrations, mascot, and web design, I decided on a simple yet youthful concept that is amplified by mascot designs and big buttons. In promoting my client’s goal, I created a way for visitors to view the OobaKids’ YouTube videos and to Gear Up and purchase their exclusive T-shirts. As I successfully launched a purposeful and beautiful website for the OobaKids, my client was beyond satisfied. Visit their website at

Jenny Ruined the World Web Design

To further improve the user experience of his strategic card game, he approached me to redesign his website. He wanted the web design to look like a combination of post-apocalypse and cartoons. Think Mad Max, also relying on a desert motif.

I started with the logo, always keeping in mind that it should blend with all the elements surrounding it, especially the website. Next, the web design. The design is desert-like, adorned in sands and mountains.

Unfortunately, the production was put on hold because of how big the project was. Until now, we await for the production’s launch. We’re very sure it’s going to be great.

Iron Alliance Web Design

The Iron Alliance, a community of gamers with camaraderie forged by the World of Warcraft, has become an effective means for people to exchange tips, information, and guides. The more people found out about it, the more joined. Now, it boasts being the largest alliance in the world. As a fan of the game myself, I found working on this project exciting. The website theme I used was based on World of Warcraft, with a gallery page for the images uploaded by members. Having a great user interface and user experience, combined with high-speeds and cross-browser compatibility, resulted in higher recruitment rate. This greatly pleased my client, Iron Alliance’s founder, and the gamer in me.

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