My Logo Design Process

I began doing logo designs back in the day when I was in College. My early designs were for local businesses. My logo and mascot designs have a distinct feel to them, I ensure that my logos are flashier and possess a flare unlike conventional logo designs.

Creating a Logo Design demands loads of creativity, because it should represent the service the client’s business has to offer and still be aesthetically valid.

For example, a pack of Nescafe coffee will be easily recognized in a supermarket’s shelf from a certain distance, due to its unique typography and distinctive red coloring.

I present to you, my process of Logo Designing. I disclaim, this is not the only correct way, there may be a dozen other techniques/method used by contemporary artists to designing. This method has worked and spelt success for me. If you feel the steps you follow are not taking you where you want to be, feel free follow this process and pay me royalty (I’m kidding, I’ll be happy to know if it worked for you)




Step 1: Consultation

The Logo process starts with the client specifications as to what type of logo he/she has in mind. It could be an image, a symbol or just plain typography.

The colors clients prefer are not that important at this point, However, it’s better to know (information is power! Remember?), so I have that in mind when designing the logo.

We then discuss the full price, depending on the complexity of the design the client wants. At this juncture it’s I look for inspiration that I could draw from the current industry trends.

From inspiration comes ideas, I build from that idea and recommend my design to the client.

Step 2: Presenting Studies

Once the client briefing is done I then present a few studies for the logo.

I design from what the client wants the logo to look like, however, as an expert; I also suggest what is currently popular in his business market. I’d be failing in my duties if I didn’t, won’t I? A little secret between me and the readers, I sometimes do it so that I create and “impression” that I know more about the subject than him/her.


I use different themes and effects in the studies I present, and make sure the client is in awe and not be like “eh, my 3 year old son would draw something like that” or “I’ve seen this in somewhere land”

Style is key, to design an effective logo. For example, a hand-drawn design expresses a casual and relaxed feel by sketching or doodling, if “laid-back” is what the brand intends. A 3D logo uses a 3 dimensional design (LOL obviously) which makes the graphic impressive and rich. A Retro style Logo uses a color or shape or something memorable from the past, to illustrate a long history of the service, etc.

I generally give 2 to 3 studies according to the information I gathered from the client briefing.

For this particular Logo, considering the details the client and I discussed. I already have a specific idea in mind, with just a handful of different fonts to choose from. The client chose Logo #3 so I went ahead to render the piece. – is this necessary?

Just like mascot creation, revision is unlimited until the client is satisfied with the design. This phase takes about 24 to 48 hours from the client briefing. #PatienceIsAvirtuE

Step 3: Rendering

I will then add highlights and shadows to the Logo, because it’s my Job

At this point, it is crucial that I make sure the logo design is eye-catching. It’s important to design a simple logo, yet unique enough so that people will recognize it. I know it sounds like “having the cake and eating the cake” but it’s not, it is a possible exercise for a daring and dreamy designer.


Step 4: Presenting the Logo

The last and final stage is presenting the logo (Of course you can’t keep it with you)

Clients receive a fully layered AI vector file and it is upon request of the customer you provide a copy of high resolution Vexel in PNG or JPEG format.

Final process should take roughly 24 to 48 hours for fully layered PSD file.


On a more general note, a logo is really important to a company or an individual starting a business. It helps in connecting to the target audience quickly and recognizes the company and its services offered. For a business to be successful, an excellent logo is essential. #SmallThingsMatteR

Check out the logos I designed for my clients over here.

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