From fan arts to eBook page covers, my illustrations have been deemed worthy of all. See how I transformed each idea into art, while still being original and striking.

Darkside Illustrations

I wanted to see a hybrid of a good and a bad character in an illustration design. So I thought, why not make one myself?

To further exercise my skills on fan art illustrations and to respond to my curiosity, I made a few fan arts. I made a hybrid of Astroboy and Deadpool, Mickey Mouse and Darth Vader, as well as Mario and Akuma.

The feedback was great, with many people saying they loved the illustration designs. Because of the initial reception, I plan to make more on my free time.

Check out how I designed the evil part in the Astroboy-Deadpool hybrid through the link Astroboy-Deadpool Process.

Genji and Hanzo Fan Art Illustrations

Blizzard is one of my (and of everyone else, I think) favorite game developers. They developed Overwatch, a game that I personally played. Its design is beyond awesome. This inspired me to make fan arts of my favorite Overwatch heroes.

To spice things up a bit, I used different designs and styles. It took some time to come up with something that I’d truly be proud of. But I guess like how it took time to develop Overwatch, it takes time to create real art. High quality art over here: Genji and Hanzo.

Sneaky Vampires Illustration

Apparently, vampires actually transform to fruit bats. A couple contracted me to make an illustration of their particularly exciting night of fruit looting in Europe.

Creating something to remember it by (because they probably have eaten the fruits already) was a thrilling and incredible project for me. I conceptualized and executed a couple of my ideas, and let my nighttime-vampire clients work help pick out the colors. In designing, I decided to stick with flat colors and shadows, a few highlights, and a little bit of gradient as those complement the mischievous act perfectly. An extraordinary night is immortalized in an illustration, my clients and I can’t be happier.

Dad of War Illustration

Inspired by the video game series God of War, Dad of War is a fan art I created out of pure love for the video game itself. I have played all the series, from the first to the most recent. Watching the trailer for E3 2016 has awakened my dormant fondness for the game.

I experimented with different styles, but it was a 9gag post that greatly influenced my illustration. For the colors, I decided on shades of blue and red, helping me emphasize the masculinity without losing the comical content. The outcome’s better than I expected and now, I await the E3 2016 release.

Illustrating BigBoss from Metal Gear Solid The Phantom Pain

I remember it was almost 20 years ago when I played the very first Metal Gear Solid game, it did not blew me away.. but I remembered the feeling of playing it with my father and my uncle on a warm summer afternoon in our very first home which made it very special for me.


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Xenogears: Weltall and Fei Illustrations

Being the very first JRPG I played, Xenogears opened the doors to the exciting, mind-blowing, and inevitably time-draining world of video games. For its 20th anniversary, I decided to honor this classic by making a fanart.

Xenogears being my all-time favorite game, I produced illustrations having different styles and strokes until I came up with the one worthy for a score-long of awesomeness. The strokes and the colors I used for the end product work with the poses of Weltali and Fei. They look like they’re ready to spring into action! I’m particularly proud of this work as it pays tribute to the beloved videogame characters.


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Anatomy Illustrations

Children’s storybooks rely on great visuals and intricate use of symbolism to captivate and to inspire. I may not be a doctor or a nurse like a character in my client’s book Anatomy, but you can say that I practically saved his life.

Unsatisfied with another illustrator’s work, he contacted me to create the illustrations for all of his 13 books. And like an ambulance, I came to the rescue. I sketched, and used colorful thick and thin line arts, balancing the colors with highlights and shadows. I fixed all the books’ illness of poor illustration, and everyone was happy.

Minecraft Book Series Illustrations

Minecraft’s eight-book long series introduces children to the 8-bit protagonist named Alex, who has a larger than 8-bit personality. Take a sneak peek on the adventure within the book cover through my attractive front page illustrations.

With the goal of enticing children into purchasing the books, my art was based on each of the character’s personality and what the story would be about. The elements were carefully-chosen to maintain the veil of mystery and to keep the audience wanting more. My client was more than satisfied with the final output, and I’m glad. Also knowing that I contributed in his fulfillment as a publisher is a great accomplishment for me. See their books here.

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