Happy to be an Aspie


A brilliant book is usually a product of a remarkable writer. I had the honor to work on a book just that. “Happy to be an Aspie” is about a schoolgirl who has Asperger Syndrome confronted with everyday problem due to her condition.

The girl is my Client’s daughter, and she made the book to make people around them see her daughter in a different light and understand her better.

I am also challenged by this project because I know how important this book is to my client, Julia. But just like the main character I too conquered the tests with a pen and a tablet in hand (a sword would have been awesome but I am an artist not a dragon slayer).

She sent me several family photos I cartoonized for the characters in my book illustration. I also hand-picked colors to use on the pages making sure it will fascinate children.

The illustrations are defined using various thickness of outlines. The further items have thin lines and closer objects are set up with thick lines for emphasis. I also colored the outlines instead of using “just black” to create a softer feel.

Julia is already completing her second book, please watch out for that too.

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