Q: How does lanotdesign compare to other design teams?
A: Each and every single design created by lanotdesign is fully customized. We pride ourselves to create a unique and beautiful design. To be honest, lanotdesign is not for all company, we specialize in a specific business niche that fits perfectly with our designs.

Q: How many designs will I get to choose from?
A: It actually depends but clients have unlimited revisions, provided that we are still in the drafts phase. I also expect clients to know what they want right away and are considerate with the revisions they will ask for.

Q: Do you do a different style?
A: No, the style of drawings present in my portfolio is the only style that I will deliver to clients.

Q: Who will have the rights to the finished designs?
A: After the client have completed the balance, the client owns the copyrights to the finished design. I do have the rights to display the design in my portfolio for promotional purposes, unless the client requests otherwise.

Q: Availability
A: 24/7
Monday – Friday : Working hours are from 9am EST to 5pm EST
Monday – Friday : Consultation and Emails 9am EST to 1pm EST
Saturday / Sunday : Available for Consultation and Emails only.

Q: What support should I expect from lanotdesign?
A: We provide support even after the project is done. We also keep a back up of all the designs we create. Just email me if you need a copy of the file to be sent to you.

Q: What payment scheme does lanotdesign have?
A: For our protection we have a 50-50 payment scheme. We collect 50% of the total project rate and collect the remaining balance after the project has been finished. If the project is more than $2000, we do allow a 30-30-40 payment scheme. We will collect 30% upfront, 30% during the design process and the 40% will be collected after completion.

Q: Does lanotdesign accept other payment method aside from paypal?
A: No, I will only accept a project if the payment method is through paypal.

Q: Do you work for free? Do you work without downpayment?
A: No, I am requiring clients to pay for the down payment before any work is done. That include specs works.

Q: Are you open for business partnerships?
A: Yes, just send me an email or a skype message if you have any proposal.

If you have other questions please use our contact form