Does my business need a mascot? It does…If you want to get ahead

Using mascots for businesses, sports teams, and organizations have always been a trend. Its timelessness and familiarity makes it a great marketing tool for any type of company. The mascot will be the creative representation of your business. It should reflect the values and visions that your business upholds. Having a fun mascot can set your business apart from its competitors and generate profit!

Creating the perfect mascot for your company is no joke. Everything must be planned perfectly from the colors to the characteristics, from elements to details. Having the right mascot can give your business a chance to reach your audience better. Imagine McDonald’s without the iconic “M” symbol and their friendly clown mascot. Imagine Wendy’s without the motherly red headed icon that it has on all of its branches. People have an easier time recognizing the brands with the help of mascots. Mascots can make or break your company’s branding and future.

But why are mascots so effective for your company’s branding? Aside from having a symbol or representation of your company, here are some of the benefits that you may get from using a mascot.

  • Help the audience remember your brand – Fifty percent of the population are visual learners. Their mind can remember brands more quickly using easy to digest visuals like mascots. Companies that have long names or acronyms usually depend on mascots and logos so that customers can easily remember them.
  • Help understand product benefits – Customers will find it know instantly what the product is all about through the help of mascots. They will know right away that this product is for medicine, food, or electronics.
  • Increase engagement to your brand – The marketing ploy nowadays is to make advertisements look more humane. People can engage easier with a smiling mascot that personifies human characteristics.
  • Have a spokesperson – Aside from representing the brand, mascots also tend to become the spokesperson of the company. Its image is the first one that will be shown to media platforms. Children will have fun interacting with mascots. Having a mascot means that you have a walking advertisement that people actually find fun and engaging.
  • Connect by being laser focused – Because of the fun that a mascot brings, children can’t help but to be entertained by them. Companies who wish to target younger people can highly benefit from designing a mascot. It’s also possible to broaden the appeal of the mascot to an older audience. Mascot designs are laser-focus assets. An example of this is the Mcdonald’s mascot, which is still broad but still manage to tickle the imagination of any age group.



Lanot Design has been designing mascots for over a decade. We designed thousands of mascots in the years that we’ve been in the business. Our clients include restaurants, businesses, game, fashion, furniture and other types of industries. We even designed a mascot that managed to shake the hand of the one and only Queen of England.

Our services are flexible and we love hearing feedback from our clients. Our company’s strategy is not limited to a single style, unlike other designers. We customize it to what the client needs, depending on the brand’s color and characteristics. We don’t use a single style because we want the audience to remember the brand itself – not the designer. But even if our style is customized and flexible, you can still see the trademark Lanot Designs style that you will surely love.

We specialize on four different types of mascot:

  • person mascot

    Person Mascot

    The Person mascot can easily reach your target niche. For example, if your target audience are children, then creating a mascot that resembles a child can help your audience relate to your brand more easily. The only problem with Person mascot is that the other side of the niche market can feel alienated when you use a very specific mascot.

  • animal mascot

    Animal Mascot

    This type of mascot works best if your business is about animals. Animal mascots are fun when you use animals that everyone loves like cats, dogs, birds, etc. Scary animals like snake and crocodile can send a wrong message to your audience. Another con that you have to be aware of is that some people have phobias on some animals.

  • anthropomorphic animal mascot

    Anthropomorphic Animal Mascot

    Anthropomorphic animal is defined as images of animals having human characteristics. A famous example is the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Hailed as the most universal mascot, anthropomorphic animal mascot is the most fun, cool, and customizable among the other types of mascots. It has a universal appeal that any business can use. Its con is the same as animal mascots – it can alienate people who have animal phobias.

  • anthropomorphic object mascot

    Anthropomorphic Object Mascot

    Anthropomorphic objects pertain depicts an object with a human characteristic. Example are the characters in the popular animation film, Cars. If your business is about selling a specific product, then this mascot is for you. It can help your audience find out what your brand is all about right away. Anthropomorphic object mascots can be not appealing on all types of audiences, but with the right branding and design, profits will definitely pour.

These types of mascots may be different from one another, but they all have similarities: they all have human-like characteristics, expressions, and personality. They all have these traits to make the mascot unique.

Business owners use mascots to get attention from their target audience. No matter how pretty or creative the mascot is, if there’s no visible increase in sales, then it means that the whole project is a failure.


The right mascot can make your brand unique among your competitors

The ultimate reason why mascots are made for business is because of SALES.

The only way to get on top is to be different. Competition is tough. Looking like your competitors will get your business nowhere. Ditch the generic, boring look for your brand. Get easily recognized by your target attention by having a mascot that represents what your company is all about.


How do clients use Lanot Designs for their marketing?

Marketing using mascots doesn’t stop when the design is already made. This is actually just the beginning. The assets where you will put your mascot should match the mascot. The mascot should be put seamlessly with the assets. Use a single designer to both mascot and assets so that these two factors will look perfectly with each other. You can also hire a second designer, but make sure that this designer knows how to copy styles. Mismatched mascot and asset can lead to branding fail.

Another tip is to make sure that the mascot is seen everywhere. Be active of different traditional or digital marketing platforms to reach your audience. Use social media, email marketing, and other promotional materials make your mascot known. Remember to stay away from offensive mascots that may hurt your brand.

Does your business need a mascot? If you want to be successful and ace away the competitors, then it sure does. Remember that a good branding strategy can take your business to the top. Invest on the right marketing strategy. Get the attention of your target audience! Stand above your competitors and see a big difference right away in your sales.

Personalized your marketing strategy. Create a mascot with Lanot Design and see your business bloom full time! Contact us today!

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