Case Study : Naif Mascot Design


This case study is about my mascot design that illustrates Naif, a marketer based in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia. He is currently working as a Marketer for a community that initiate social development.



He wanted an avatar to separate him from his competitors and represent his profiles in different social media platforms. The main challenge of making his mascot is the “cultural gap” because I haven’t been to the middle east before and I don’t know much of their culture. There are definitely several elements in the design that needed precise consideration.

It’s great that Naif is a very good communicator, eliminating the gap that would have surely made this a very difficult project.



Working with Naif was smooth and easy, he was straightforward with what he was looking for and gave me photos that he wanted me to replicate. He gave references for the background and the pose itself.



I made sure that his mascot will demonstrate his professional disposition to shine through. Everything needs to be balanced to get my desired look, it has to incorporate the cartoony feel yet it should remain classy to make sure the likenes with my client is captured.



My coloring process starts with flat colors. Once the base colors are finalized I added shadows then highlights. The fine points and details are added at the end to add life to the illustration.



Vectoring the image makes it “scalable”. Naif mentioned that he plans to have the mascot printed in the future, it’s recommended to have the mascot vectored so he can resize the image to fit any dimension without it getting pixelated.


The entire design process took us an Estimate of 12 days, with all its 660 layers. The project was generally complicated because of the intricate patterns, but all is worth it considering the finished design.



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