A sneak peek on how I designed the Rocket Panda mascot

A game developer approached me with a request to design a mascot character for his game “Rocket Panda”. The idea excited me, so I instantly agreed to work on it!

The dude had everything planned out (which made life easier for me) as all that was left for me to do was to just design the character for him. I gave it my best shot! And designed the Panda with a realistic proportion, giving it a touch similar to what we see in Discovery channel, Animal planet and Kungfu Panda.


Of course we all know Pandas are flabby unhealthy looking Animals; However my client pictured his Panda to be in better physical shape as he wanted to create an impression of sorts that the Panda would impress kids as a strong and healthy character.


I finally managed to satisfy my client with the appearance of the character. Pheww!! Just then when I plan to settle feeling relieved that I’ve nailed it, He asks me to show him a side view of the character in mid air using his rocket!.


Here is a short video of me coloring Rocket Panda, preparing him to fly to the moon in his rocket. I hope you enjoy the video and get to learn a thing or two from it.

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