This is a "how-to" time-lapse coloring tutorial I made for the Businessman Mascot Design. I made this clip to show how I color my mascots. First, with flat colors, and when I am satisfied with that I will add the highlights and shadows then finally the details.


Illustrative and Typographic Logo Designs

If your business need an  illustrative and strong typographic logo, then you have come to the right place. We will produce a one-of-a kind logo that is tailored to your online business.

High Quality Custom Mascot Designs

My Mascot Designs will give your brand  a certain uniqueness and character. Having a mascot on your website will make it very welcoming to customers and at the same time unforgettable.

Custom One-of-a-kind Website Designs

Let us set your business apart and design a site that leaves a long-lasting impression to your visitor and provides a great user-experience. We will bring your dream website to reality! Connect with me on Google+ at +Harvey Lanot



Really no complaints, good communication… understood revision requests great work, wish you were in Miami haha….that is the only complaint lol


I hired Harvey Lanot because I was instantly drawn to his portfolio after I found his website via web search. It was obvious Harvey was the right guy for my website and me because his works are some of the best I have ever seen. Integrate details, beautiful color contrast, conceptual designs, this guy does it all!

Kurt Kroeger


Harvey Lanot is superior in his field producing amazing work in all forms of media and design, a pleasure to work with leaving no stone unturned to make us happy!

Steven Skippen

Shoeshine UK

I have worked with Harvey on several occasions. He is always prompt, courteous, and above all else he is great at what he does. When it comes to having a custom mascot, logo, or website designed he is the go to guy. I have received countless compliments on my website design and I couldn’t be happier. It was, and always is a pleasure to work with Harvey. Thanks for the amazing site!


Project Norrath

This is my second project done with Harvey and his team. Like my last project, they delivered. The artwork and the time put into it is just amazing! I have plenty more designs to be made and I’m only going to one person!
Thanks Harvey and the design team.


Cobin Blair

Cloud Fox Hosting